Well, I don’t know about you… but my daughter is OBSESSED with Frozen. Like, those songs are permanently embedded in my brain from listening to them on repeat. I even find myself singing along to them in my head throughout the day.. for no apparent reason! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

Anyways… When it came time for O to tell me her birthday party ideas, you know this one just burst out of her mouth before I could even finish asking the question… Frozen it is!

I had a lot of fun designing the invite and other ideas for the party. It was supposed to be a nice, fun outdoor party in the backyard- but the weather decided to DOWN POUR the day of. So we ended up having it in our unfinished basement- not my first choice to throw a cute party… but it was really the ONLY choice…

So, here you go- I hope it sparks some ideas in your head for your daughters who are just as obsessed with the movie as mine is!



My intention to this was to have it outside in the backyard like I usually do- I envisioned a beautiful sunny day, with kids running in the back singing frozen songs. But this party had a plan of it’s own. You see, I had family visiting from Texas, whom I was also throwing a party for on the same day (just an hour after this one ended!), and so instead of setting up for just one party, I had TWO!  The second party was planned to be inside the home, so that it was easy transition from one party to the other and I did not have to worry much about clean up until both were finished. I did NOT stop the day before the party. I mowed, moved furniture out back, set up for the party inside, prepped food, and had the decorations ready to hang outside the following morning. Once I FINALLY had a chance to sit down (dinner time) and relax from party planning, it decided to pour down RAIN- and forecast showed rain until evening the next day!

I am sure you can imagine my look of stress and disappointment that  I had everything set up for both parties and I wasn’t sure exactly what to do- So I just did the only other thing I could think of- went back to work and started clearing out my unfinished basement. It wasn’t ideal- but it was going to have to work. I already had my main floor decorated for the other party, and so this was all I could do!

The perk to doing it in the basement though, was that I was able to set up decorations that evening. I am sorry these pictures do this party no justice. I was in such a rush to get  the party going that I didn’t get any good pictures of the food table 😦

But you will get the idea.. And I had all complements after the party so I feel like I pulled it off!

So here you go..

Here is Baby-O waiting for her party to begin! I had bought the doilies and cut out different snowflakes out of coffee filters to decorate the walls.

I either made the printables or I found some online that were free downloads as decorations. I had pictures of the characters in frames, and I also had Frozen dolls on the tables.

We hung some Christmas lights from the ceiling to add some more light, and set up chairs all around. Good thing this party is for a 3 year old- who could care less that the party was in our unfinished basement! And it was really smart too, because we had a few spills from drinks- it didn’t bother me that they spilled on a cement floor!

 Our food consisted of:

Anna’s Chocolate Fondue

Elsa’s Icicles (crystal candy)

Troll Swedish Meatballs

Olaf’s Noses (carrots)

Sven’s Antlers (pretzels)

Hanz frozen hearts (strawberries)

Kristoff’s Ice Blocks (blue rice crispies)

Anna and Hanz sandwiches

Melted Snowmen (water)

and “Frozen” Punch

we also did mini cupcakes instead of a cake

Once guests arrived, we started eating!

After everyone had a chance to get a bite to eat, we had our special guest arrive! Queen Elsa herself!

Baby-O had her coronation ceremony

And then they sang some songs and talked about the story of “Frozen”

Baby-O was probably the least interested- she just wanted more cupcakes!

Then all together they sang “LET IT GO”

it was adorable!

Next, Elsa did Frozen Tattoos!

Baby-O got hers done first!

After they were done with their tattoos, we played “Pin the Nose on Olaf” and “Snowball Toss”

And, in the corner of the basement, I hung one of my black sheets as a backdrop before the party so that I could take some good pictures of the guests with Elsa. In order to make sure the pictures would turn out okay, I had some family pose for a “test” picture.. and this is what they gave me..

Aren’t they beautiful? 🙂

 The sheet did not work well for the group photo- but what do you do??

And normally I wouldn’t post embarrassing pics of my kids, but this was just too funny not to share- We did individual pics of each girl, and these were the only shots I was able to get of Baby-O. How funny are these? These will totally go in her baby book.

wait for it….

I was seriously crying…

And just like that, it was time to say goodbye to Elsa because she had to go back to Arendale.  The girls LOVED her and each gave her at least 2 hugs before letting her go. And then chased her upstairs to watch her leave .

Once we said goodbye, it was on to singing Happy Birthday and opening up gifts! I should have gone up and taken the time to actually get myself ready for the party while Elsa was entertaining- but it was nice to just sit and relax for a minute. So a messy “mommy bun” it was for me!

This girl knew just what to do when she saw that candle! She blew it out before we finished singing the song!

And I am pretty sure she was spoiled at her party!!! She loved all her gifts!

And just like that, Baby-O stood up and said Thank You to her friends and Family and the party was finished!

After we said goodbye to our guests, a select few of us got our running shoes back on and had to move chairs and tables back upstairs and set up the food for the other party which started exactly an hour after this one!

Hope you enjoyed her birthday party!

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