A baby shower for Kali

Can you believe I was crazy enough to host two different parties at my house within an hour of each other?
Well, I can’t believe it either- but I pulled it off! With style too! This party was a baby shower for my younger sister, Kali. She was visiting the family here from Texas, and she wouldn’t be returning until after the baby is born. And, I shouldn’t expect anything different- she likes to do things different than anybody else-she has been this way her whole life- a natural born leader.  So since everyone likes to find out the gender of the baby these days, she decided she wants it to be a surprise.
BTW- do you know how HARD it is to plan a gender neutral party these days?!??! It is like gender neutral décor DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!
I asked her what she was thinking the theme of her nursery as going to be- and she gave me a quote from E.E. Cummings about the stars and the moon. So I took it and went with it!  Check it out!

Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate fondue?
This was a fun little game- Everyone had to guess if it was a girl or boy based on their straws for their drinks. Then I went around and took pictures of people with their straws so that we could go back and look at them once the baby was here to see who was right!
Here is the “MOM TO BE” (left) with my other sister who is ALSO expecting!
 (I have THREE pregnant sisters right now! crazy huh?)
 More of my family and Kali’s husband/ “Daddy to be” on the far Right!
Once everyone had a chance to eat and guess the gender with their straws, we played “DADDY KNOWS BEST” (you can click HERE to see the game in more detail from a previous shower I did!)
Next up was “BLINDFOLDED DIAPER RACE!” I had Kali pick 5 other people to come up before they knew what they were doing. She picked her hubby, which ended up being FANTASTIC because it was HILARIOUS to watch him try to put on a diaper blindfolded! Whoever put on a diaper on their baby the fastest WON!
We may need to have a couple lessons on changing diapers…
for the both of them…
We also did two other games but because I was running the show I DIDN’T GET ANY PICTURES! I am so bummed!!! We played the MEMORY GAME and we also had newborn diapers by the front door with markers and people wrote notes on the diapers to her to read while she is changing them in the middle of the night. Some were inspiring, some were funny, and some were FLAT OUT HILARIOUS!
Then we moved on to gifts 🙂
And what were my kids doing while all this was going on you ask?? J-Man went out with Dad, and Baby-O was enjoying herself with some of her new toys from her party an hour before this one.
After gifts there was a bunch more small talk and even more family pictures like the one below. Hope you enjoyed the shower pictures and got some ideas to use for the future!

Love you Kali! Hope you had fun!

love,  your old sister

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