Mel’s Retirement Party!

 I was hired to design and organize an awesome retirement party for an awesome guy!!

Mel was officially retiring, and his wife wanted to make sure it was a special day for him! Mel loves to go fishing, and I am sure he will be taking advantage of his free time to go out and enjoy the fresh air and water; so I decided to make “GONE FISHING” the party theme!

I am so frustrated that I can’t find the invitations I made for this event. It isn’t on my computer ANYWHERE. (insert sad face here) but it was a super cute “GONE FISHING” themed invite.


Because most of the people Mel wanted to see were customers, we decided to do an Open House on a Friday- so that his customers could stop in and wish him a “Happy Retirement” throughout the work day.

Luckily, I had a bunch of fishing décor that I stole from J-mans bedroom, and I made all the printables on my computer.

Check it out!



We just did simple finger foods, so that customers could stop by fast and say hello and either eat there or eat on their way to their next account.

We had “(gold) Fish and Chips” and celery and carrots with ranch dip, and even turkey roll ups.

Did I mention my babysitter fell through and I had to bring BOTH KIDS with me to this event? I am pretty sure they were drooling over the candy dishes..

And what is a party if there aren’t any cupcakes???


I went with blue punch to tie in the “fishing” theme- to make it look like the Ocean Water.

A few more up close shots of the décor..


 And what were my kids doing during this 4 hour open house you ask??? Well…

Let’s just say they got their fair share of TV for the day… (Don’t judge me)

And yes.. that is *cough* several *cough* cupcake wrappers on the desk…


And this was the only shot I got of the “Man of the Hour” because he was such a busy bee talking and mingling and giving tours of the building. I think he had a BLAST though..

I hope you had fun at your party MEL! Enjoy the retired life! You deserve it!!


And thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!


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