Spoon and Fork Tutorial

So I have had several people ask me about my new spoon and fork on my kitchen wall. And I keep telling you all to go to my blog for the tutorial.Well I am so sorry it has taken me this long to actually post it on here! 🙂 So with out any further ado… My fork and spoon tutorial-

 I first came across the idea when scrolling along Etsy. (dangerous.. I know..) I found these and the person selling them wanted $53 plus shipping! (There was another one for $89 plus shipping too!) I thought, “I can probably figure this out on my own and save a bunch of money” So I thought “what the heck!?” and went to Home Depot to look for some wood. I found this pre-cut piece and called it good. I cant remember exactly how much- but it was less than $20 for sure. Then I found a fork and spoon shape I liked off the internet, and printed it out- and then cut them out. I borrowed my friends overhead projector and started tracing away!


It is hard to see it- but here they are after being traced.

And here are my fork and spoon cut-outs on the overhead.

Next up- was the tricky part. Tracing was super easy- but cutting… that is a different story! Luckily I had my super awesome hubby there to help me with the hard parts.

The only problem with having him help me, was that I had to stand next to him holding the wood while he cut it. And the blower from the jigsaw blew straight in my face the whole time. All I could do was pray that he didn’t jigsaw my fingers off because I couldn’t see a dang thing! (I knew you would all enjoy this picture. You are welcome.)

After a good wipe down (of both the wood and myself) I got out my painting supplies and my super cute Halloween table cloth..

I decided to go with black and then distress it.. it would tie in the black out of my rug in the living room.

The finished project!!!

 I like that they aren’t “perfect.” I think it makes them more unique and “vintage” that way. What do you think?

Now they are the perfect backdrop to my kitchen!!! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial!!

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