Ever wonder what to do once your child stops NAPPING!
Well, I decided to create some “Quiet Time Boxes” so that I can still have “ME” time throughout the day.
Who here has heard of Quiet Time boxes? Anyone?
Well you will know about them now!
Quiet time boxes are boxes of activities that you child can do ON THEIR OWN without adult supervision or help. The point is for them to be alone playing and learning without them asking you for help every five minutes.
**QUICK ORGANIZING TIP: Not only is this a GENIUS way for them to stay engaged for about an hour each day; but it also helps keep your playroom / toys MORE ORGANIZED!!
You see, the more toys you have in bins that are put away except for the hour that they are out- THE LESS TOYS YOU HAVE TO BE CONSTANTLY PICKING UP THROUGHOUT THE DAY/WEEK/MONTH/YEAR! (And I can guarantee you they will survive just fine with less toys!)

J-MAN is only allowed to play with these during quiet time- and I set them up to where he only plays with certain toys once a week so that he stays excited to play with them!!


I have audio books, puzzles, coloring books, magnets- you name it! He LOVES THEM! And I still get my hour and a half of “ME” time 🙂 I set a kitchen timer, and he plays quietly in his room until he hears the timer!! GENIUS I TELL YOU!!
 Doesn’t this just make you smile?


 Do you have kids who are done with napping? What can YOU put in your Quiet Time Boxes?

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