My son LOVES trucks, cars, tractors.. you name it. So it was not TOO hard to decide what his birthday theme would be this year! I mentioned doing a construction party, and he was TOTALLY FOR IT!
It was a BLAST designing every little detail. I hope you enjoy it!

We are building up some birthday fun!J-Man wants YOU on his CREW!

Come DIG IN and celebrate with us as J-Man turns FOUR! It is going to be LOADS of FUN!

PROJECT STARTS: On J-Man’s Birthday!
SHIFT BEGINS at 4pm- LUNCH BREAK included!

Please RSVP to the “CONSTRUCTION FOREMAN” so that she can plan accordingly!


To start things off, I decided to do a construction theme, because:
1. He loves dirt and tractors and trucks
2. We have a bunch of construction toys already invading the house that could be used as awesome décor and
3. It wouldn’t be an expensive party!!
Because the party was going to involve sand, I wanted to keep it as an outdoor party. To make sure people didn’t enter the house, I made a “detour” sign.



I had signs that led them to the back yard (I bought a package deal on Etsy for all the printed signs)  with balloons that I found at Hobby Lobby.
I emptied off our tool bench from inside the garage and hauled it out for the desert table. I also used our wheel barrow to hold the gifts.


I had a table set up for the kids “gear” and “days wages” for the job. Each kid received a tool belt, a pencil, and a measuring stick. They also got their own hard hat.





I was able to make my own tags for the food and drinks. This was fun because I was able to be creative. Names like “Build-A-Burger” with “Spare Parts” as toppings; “Paint Chips and Dip” and eve “Wrecking Balls” for little oranges.





 I think my favorite part though, was building his cake. I just bought the cheapest already made cake I could find in chocolate, and took his tractor and dug right into it. You should have seen my families face when I started in on it. they were all like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING???” But once they could see what I was accomplishing they realized I was not as crazy as I looked. I found these super awesome rock chocolate at Hobby Lobby and added them all over the place- in the cake, cupcakes, you name it. Everyone at the party asked if they were real rocks or if they could eat them. It was pretty funny seeing some reactions.. LOL



I zip tied his plastic tools to the back of the tool bench- I thought it was a nice and easy touch of décor 🙂


More shots of the cake…
You cant forget where the Porta Potty is!!!


If you have seen my parties before: I always dress the part. I even had my hubby in on it too!!
We first started off with the food. Which was SUPER yummy. The kids who finished early went and played on some of the things we had set out for them.





We had workers of all ages!!
First up:
Building Blocks- The kids were able to build whatever came to mind with the various blocks we had out for them!




Next: The Nailing Station-
I had a foam cooler and play hammers with some golf Tees. The kids had a BLAST. (And maybe some adults too!)


We also had other activities like the sand box with tractors, and the trampoline, and also a cone toss with construction cones.


Then came time to Sing to the Birthday Boy and eat cupcakes!




Then it was on to presents:





 I would say he had a good party.. I know I had fun!!!



Thanks to all who came to make this party the best! Love you all!

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