Well, we made the move! I was so sad to say good-bye to my customers in Saint George. I enjoyed helping all of you with your homes!

But I am also excited to take on a new area: South Jordan!

We are currently in a rental home until we sell our home in Saint George. so for the time being, I am going to be starting a new series: THE WHITE HOUSE (And it is all about our new place!)

As I finish each room in the house, I will do a post about it! I hope I inspire you all for some ideas in your house.. I feel like doing a few of these ideas (most are CHEAP!) it will turn your HOUSE into a HOME.

So here we go! First up.. the outside of the house 🙂

Fun Fact: The house was built and painted YELLOW.. But it is now known as the “WHITE” house on the street 🙂

It actually has somewhat green grass now- and it being mowed frequently 🙂

We added our porch chairs out front- which I painted blue.

I also added two of the kids chairs out front- I may put something cool on them eventually- but they are just there for now. I also put up our wreath from the old house and added some vinyl to the door.

The biggest difference is the new mulch and new flowers out front. I was determined to do this in one evening- which resulted to me digging holes at 10pm with a headlight on. I am pretty sure my neighbors thought I was trying to bury a dead body or something.


BUT.. all the neighbors did complement on the way it looks now- since I don’t think it has even been maintained since it was first built.

It feels very welcoming to me..( maybe because it says WELCOME.. ) haha

And of course, I had to add my “NO SOLICITING” sign… Its that time of year!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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