THE WHITE HOUSE: The playroom

Hello! I can not wait to show you the first room of “The White House!”

Welcome to: The PLAY ROOM!!


 This is what the play room looked like after we moved in and unpacked all the play room boxes. It was still a nice playroom- anywhere you can put all the toys in that has a door is good to me… But I really wanted to make this space special since it is the first house we have moved into that had an actual designated place for toys!

I have always wanted an ABC wall. It has been a pin on my Pinterest board for years. Well, I went to Hobby Lobby and ALL of their letters were 50% off! I started collecting a letter from each until I got about 8 of them- then I had to start laying them out on the ground to see how they could all fit. It was pretty funny doing this, because people would walk by with weird looks, others stopped to ask what my project was, and others even started following me and grabbing the letters for themselves! I kinda felt famous! So here is the final project: I love how it turned out!

The toy bins were from my kids closets from their old rooms. I am thankful I bought them the same color so that I could line them up like this!

The Tipi tent was another item I have had on my Pinterest board for a while. I thought it was a perfect place to have as a reading space. I bought it online, and got the pillows and rug from IKEA. The book rack was a $1 purchase from a garage sale.


 The orange thing hanging on the wall is an actual crib spring! I painted it orange and thought it would be fun to hang pictures and art work from the kids on it.


More stuff from IKEA:

The rug, the play kitchen and the frames with artwork.

I refinished the kids play table, and added a mirror from Wal-Mart.


I am SO THANKFUL I made the measuring stick before I moved. It allowed me to take it with me to this house and I still have their markings from when they were babies. I just ordered the same vinyl from the last house.


I love walking into their play room and seeing this. It makes me happy. But to be completely honest, it usually looks like…


At least I know it is getting put to good use.. RIGHT? Another thing I am thankful for- a DOOR into this room. Out of SIGHT out of MIND 🙂


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