Good morning Ladies and Gents!

I am just dropping in to give you another reveal of the new house! First, lets start with the entryway-

I picked up the coat rack for $3 at a garage sale, and I already had the rest of the décor in my home.

It is really hard decorating a home that is a rental. You don’t want to spend the money to decorate the home, because you do not know if it will work out in the home you will eventually buy.  So you make do with what you have!

I did paint the vase blue. Here is what it looked like before/after.

 Here is the hallway that leads into the kitchen/family room!

 And here is the family room.


 Now- I gotta say. I LOVE how comfortable these couches are. But they are SO not my style anymore. Shortly after we moved here, we got a huge rip in the couch where the blanket and pillows are. Luckily we had an extended warranty, so they tried to come fix it until they saw our couch was discontinued. So instead, they gave us a full amount of what we paid for the couch to go towards new ones! We have the new couches (you saw one in our bedroom and you will see the other soon) that will go in the family room eventually, but for now this couch still works and is comfortable so we are just going to use it while we are in this rental and try to keep the new ones in tip top shape for our future home!

 This coffee table I picked up for $20 and was planning on refinishing it to flip- but decided I kinda like her so I decided to keep her! I just added some new knobs to her and she was good to go! Eventually she will get a makeover (again- waiting to move first!) so be on the look out for it. but for now, she will stay her natural color 🙂


 I think out of anything, I had the hardest time with this mantle! It has a plug for your TV behind the frames, and so I was trying all the random décor I had lying around to see what would look best! This mantle isn’t very deep- so most of my vases and other décor wouldn’t sit on it! It was so frustrating!!! But I finally found a couple items I liked together and decided I can’t mess with it anymore. It is as good as it is going to get!

Another gallery wall? Why yes, please! Here is a collection of members of our family. We have  a HUGE family and some people aren’t in it yet sadly. but I will work on it :

 Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Stay tuned!

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