Welcome to my little mans room! Let’s continue on my house reveal. Shall we? Off the plank we go!

 My son had a “toddler” boat bed before we moved- but I sold it once I found this SWEET pottery barn twin boat bed for sale on Craigslist! It even came with the life saver and REAL ship wheel!

The bottom of the bed is a trundle. SCORE! It doesn’t have a mattress in it yet, but it will in the future. Right now, it is a great place to store stuff you want hidden 🙂

Here is his closet. Like my previous house, off came the closet doors! I hate those pinch finger doors. UGH!

 I also used his same “name” letters from his nursery. I hung a fishing hook to them to add a little pizzazz.

J-Man LOVES to read. Sometimes when he wakes up early or if he cant go to sleep for nap sometimes, I let him read quietly to himself. (which usually helps him fall asleep anyways !) This is a spice rack I bought from IKEA for just a couple dollars. It is a PERFECT book holder!!!


I sold his old dresser in a garage sale in St. George before we moved and bought him this new one from IKEA. Here is the ship wheel (EXTREMELY HEAVY!) that we mounted to the wall.

It has all the rust and everything. pretty cool, huh?



I picked up this lamp from a garage sale for $3. The shade was SUPER ugly, but I just went and found some fabric, and recovered it. I also made a matching pillow to match for his bed.


Here are more decorations from his old room- I love them. They were actually my brothers decorations from his room when he was little. So I am a little attached to them 🙂


  And that is his room! Hope you enjoyed it! It is SUPER nice not having any toys in his room. His room stays picked up and clean- and his bed is usually made (we are in the process of teaching him how) so it is always inviting and ready to go for bedtime. enjoy!

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