THE WHITE HOUSE: The Laundry Room


Today I get to reveal the good ol’ laundry room! I am pretty sure this is one of my favorite rooms of the house. Which is weird.. because I hate doing laundry.. Here we go!

I found this sign at a garage sale- It was made over- AGAIN.  I changed up the colors a bit, since I pretty much got rid of all the red décor in my house. I gathered a brush and a few random paints I had laying around and went to town painting while watching pretty little liars on the TV. 


 The stands for our washer are from the other house as well- My husband made them when we bought the washer and dryer- but they were too tall for this space. So we had to cut them down and then paint them black instead of brown to match the cabinets.

I LOVE HAVING A SINK IN HERE!!! I was always wishing I had one in our previous place. With all my crafts, I love having a sink that I can clean out brushes, etc. SO NICE! Oh yah.. and its good for laundry too 🙂


And did I mention how nice it is to have a hanging rack too?? Although I must say that my genius crib drying rack was pure genius and did a wonderful job, it is nice to be able to use hangers. (if you have a small laundry room with no room for a rack, go check it out by clicking on the “sign” link above!)

Of course you have to have some color/decorations in the laundry room too!!


All my craft supplies are organized in all of the above cabinetry!

The cabinets also hold all of our pictures (organized by date/person… of course!)

 NOTE: If you are building a house.. this is GENIUS.

Not one. Not two. But THREE LAUNDRY HAMPERS!

One for Whites, One for Darks, and One for Colors.

Do you think maybe a woman designed this house??

Behind the door that leads into the kitchen, there is a linen closet. I removed the closet doors, and turned it into our jacket/shoe closet. It made sense since it is where we come in and out of the house- The doors made it hard to get to the items we needed. And if you have been following me for a while now, you will understand I have a hate/hate relationship with closet doors 🙂


It also holds the vacuum and broom..


I am pretty sure my kids have more shoes than I do…

Hope you liked it!! Stay tuned!

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