This party topped the cake! It was SUCH a fun party for people of all ages!!
 But where has the time gone? Baby “O” is not a baby anymore… I have another full blown TODDLER on my hands now! So before she gets comfy in the terrible two stage- I figured I better post how her adorable birthday “Carnival” went!

As all the guests entered the carnival, they were greeted by the one and only RING MASTER!
I was feeling quite generous at the time, so the carnival was FREE ADMISSION AND FREE TICKETS! DOUBLE SCORE!
(I got this stand at IKEA for $14.99! The tickets and other décor was purchased from our local party store!)
Of course you can’t have a carnival without all the cool carnival signs!
(you can buy this off oriental trading- but I just made my own using PICMONKEY online for free!)
So cool story- I was on Facebook selling and looking for things to refinish (are you surprised?) and I came across a lady selling the hot dog and popcorn machines for $25 for both. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I asked her if she didn’t sell them by the time the party came, if I could rent them from her. She got back to me and told me she had just sold them but gave me the name of the lady and thought I could ask and see if she didn’t mind. So I asked her and she let me borrow them for FREE! HOW AWESOME IS THAT???
I tried to have a variety of foods- but I wanted them to tie into the theme as well. So I had animal cookies and animal crackers, cracker jack, hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, etc.
 yum! yum!
All of the printable signs for this party were FREE! I found them all online by typing in ” carnival free printable” in google images!! Including these water labels!
I always like to have a “thank you” table- where people can write their address on the thank you envelope- it saves me time, helps me keep track of who was all at the party, and I know I have the correct address for everyone.
The treat boxes were used to carry the “prizes” that the children won for the games.. Keep scrolling to check them out!


The first game of the night was the “Kissing Booth”
-there were 208 kisses in there if you were wondering 🙂


Next up was the Fish Toss Game. Toss the ping pong ball into the gold fish bowl.
Winners get to take home their very own fake gold fish in a bag home with them!
I was told by my best friend that her little girl told her that they needed to go to the pet store to get fish food for it. This made me laugh.


(I bought the gold fish for 8 bucks from oriental trading company. There were a TON and all different colors. I just picked out the orange ones and figured there will be something in the future I could use the rest for! The ping pong balls and bowls were from the dollar store.)
Of course there had to be a FUN HOUSE!


“Knock ’em Down” was always one of my favorite carnival games.


Some of the parents even got in on this game!! Whoever knocked them all down (everyone) got to take home some bouncy balls!
(The cups came as a set and the balls came in a 3 pk. Both purchased at the dollar store)


I did this one for the parents as well- you are supposed to have two players and actually play tic-tac-toe by tossing the balls into the slots. But all the kids enjoyed just throwing all the balls into it that I don’t think any adult got to ever play! (another oriental trading item. I gave out whistles and sunglasses for this game as prizes- purchased in bundles at the dollar store)
I was trying to stay in budget for the party, but need to find something to use for the ring toss game. After searching the garage for a few minutes, I found our hot dog/marshmallow skewers that we used for camping. I stuck the ends into the ground, and just like that I had half of the game! Right after that I found the kids swimming rings to use. I love free games!!

They got ring pops for this prize!

And last but not least- the Duck Pond Game. Another find at oriental trading company, where you have to match the shape, number, or color on the bottom of the ducks. I don’t think anyone played this game correctly- the kids just wanted to grab the duckies and splash in the water. Whatever works for me as long as they had fun!
Here is the Birthday girl!
I think everyone had fun 🙂


Including my cute J-Man! (who is eating a hot dog bun… with no hot dog)


After a while, the Ring Master (me) got back on her stand and announced it was present time!


Do you realize how fast you have to go with a two year old to have her stay focused??


Up next was the yummy part! Cupcakes and cake GALORE!
 I wish I could say I am a wonderful baker- but I am NOT. the cake and cupcakes were all purchased. I just added my flare of decorations to them 🙂


We sang, and watched “O” master the art of blowing out her candle


Afterwards there was a lot of this…
and this…
and this..
She got this costume as a gift. I am pretty sure she thought since she was a super hero, no one could see her getting into the cake..
anyways… I hope you enjoyed the party!
stay tuned! J-Man’s party is coming REALLY SOON!!

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