Do you ever have family members yell over to you asking if the clothes in the laundry bin are clean or dirty?  well this happens to me ALL.THE.TIME.

so I decided to make my own “clean and dirty” signs!

This helps so that everyone is on the same page in the laundry room. My husband can go in with ease and be able to grab a clean work shirt without having to ask me what bin he can take clothes from. It sure saves me the hassle until I can get around to putting them away! Take a look and see if it is something you might be interested in doing for YOUR household!

When laundry is all put away and done, the “clean and dirty” signs stay on the side of the washer.. where I can easily find them 🙂

While I was making the signs for the laundry room, I thought.. Why stop there??? I have the same problem with the dishes!! So I made one for the fridge.. Since J can easily play with it if I put it right on the dishwasher.. But I LOVE how easy it makes my life! My husband can see the clean sign and he puts them away for me! WOW! Talk about AWESOME!!

All I did was take these clips.. I believe they were less than TWO DOLLARS for a pack of four at Wal-Mart.

Then  I took card stock, cut out some squares, and printed the laundry and dishes saying right off the computer. After gluing the scrapbook paper to the card stock and adding scrapbook stickers, I was done! It literally look me under ten minutes to make all three signs!

And those ten minutes have definitely saved me a BUNCH of time!! Enjoy!

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