Super Hero Party!

Talk about an SUPER PARTY!! This one is going to be hard to beat! Check it out! I had a BLAST designing this party for J-Man!

I had labels for everything- it was really fun to see it all come together!

I think the kids liked “LIQUID KRYPTONITE” the best!!

And take a look at all of our SUPER friends who came!! Starting with the Birthday boy himself- Super J and his side kick little sister- Wonder Baby.


Now on to the games- First up: Capture the Villains. The children each got a roll of toilet paper and had to tie up the villains- they had a BLAST!


All finished!!

I guess she was a “villain” in disguise!

We did it!!!!

One mini game we had was to use your SUPER POWERS and guess how many M&M’s there were in this mason jar. There were 964! and yes I counted all of them by myself!

Next game was the “WALKING piñata!”

My wonderful husband volunteered (ok- so I told him he was. same thing.. right??) to be the villain this time around- only he was getting hit with 200 water balloons! Every time he got hit, he had to throw out candy- the kids had so much fun- but they stopped throwing the balloons because they were going to town on grabbing the candy- so the parents stepped in and started in on the water balloon fight. It was AWESOME! Where we live it gets to 115 degrees outside- so water was a MUST!!!

We also had the splash pad- which is always fun to have in between games and food.

And you cant forget about the cake and presents!!!

“J” got some play bikes as a gift and shared them with his friends to play. what a sweet boy 🙂

yum yum!!


 That’s a wrap! Hope you enjoyed our party!


Love, one SUPER family 🙂

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