Happy Birthday “O”

What is better than designing a party for someone you love? NOT MUCH!! Check out this cute 1st birthday party!


For O’s first birthday, we decided to do a bird theme- since I already had all the décor from her room, and it was FREE! Take a look!



I painted all the frames, I have a bin of random ones in my craft room- The glass jars I picked up for FREE from a nice person in town, and I made the food- including the cake pops- The straws I  ordered online.

We also had this bird cage in O’s room, which had pictures of her first year.


yummy yummy!

These were the centerpieces I put together on the tables where everyone ate.

 Here I put the thank you cards and the goodies for guests to take home! I put treats inside some baby food jars.

 You can’t forget cake and presents!!

We were at a park, with a splash pad- (don’t ask me how I didn’t take any pics of THAT!)

But we did have a photo booth- just for kicks and giggles..


 Everyone had a great time at the booth! Including the kids! (And yes.. even the husbands)

 Daddy even had a fun time!! I call THAT a success!



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