Before and After: Dainty Dresser

So I am pretty sure it is possible to fall in love many times in life… But I am not sure you are supposed to fall in love with old furniture. But I do anyways.

I was in the mood of some furniture design- and she was just the piece I needed!

Here is the before-

 And After-


Funny story how I got her. My good ol’ friend posted her on our online yard sale facebook page group- (pretty much the coolest group ever. see if there is one in the city you live in!) Even though the picture of it wasn’t great, I knew it had some great character- so I called and made an offer.

 I was a little nervous because it had two holes on the top of it. They were drilled into the dresser because I guess it used to be in a hotel and they had to bolt down the TV. But I figured practice makes perfect- right??

My original plan was to swap out my daughter “O’s” dresser and put this one in. But once I went to go buy the paint, I could not see this dresser that white. It just didn’t feel right. The cream color kept jumping out at me. I was hesitant because that was not the plan! I thought the dresser was soooooo cute, and I wanted to keep it so so so bad. It was like a fight going on in my head- should I keep it? Or should I sell it? Keep it. No, sell it. 

After what I am sure looked like I was having a complete conversation with myself in the hardware store, I decided it needed to go to another home. Although “O” does need a new dresser, (her drawers keep breaking) it isn’t THAT BAD yet.. So I might as well sell it. Which meant that the color of this dresser was going to be a smooth cream color! yay!

Well, I am glad I decided to go with this color. It makes the piece look like it is an old piece, but yet new at the same time! I didn’t touch the hardware. They were way to awesome to mess with. And I thought they went with the color of the paint perfectly!

Here are some more pictures…

Isn’t she a BEAUTY?

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