Need a great way to “organize” your dating life with your spouse?? Here you go!

So my hubby and I just celebrated our five year anniversary. We don’t like to spend a whole lot of  money for things like this (It has normally been a tradition to just do take out pizza and a bottle of wine), so we usually try to be a little creative with our gifts. Since the traditional things to give on your five year anniversary are wood, silver, and the color turquoise, I decided to use those three things somehow in my gift to him. And this is what I came up with-

wood= Popsicle sticks

silver=The lid from the mason jar

turquoise= The lettering on the jar

This project was the reason why I bought the mason jars in the first place. It is called the “Date Night Jar.” In my husbands card I gave him for our anniversary, I explained that I want to continue to “date” him throughout the rest of our marriage; because I think a person is always changing throughout their life, and it is important to grow together with one another. And since we don’t have money that grows on trees, (wouldn’t that be sweet?)  We need to do thrifty dates so that we can do them often. (hopefully once a week!)

As you all know, we have a toddler and a new baby. We do not get out much.. These ideas can easily be done from home once the kiddos are in bed! So it is cheap AND you do not have to pay for a babysitter! Double Whammy! Check it out!


I glued scrapbook paper to the popsicle sticks for some flare (because I am crazy like that!) and wrote one idea on each popsicle stick. Here are some of the ideas. Some I got off of the Internet; others I made up myself. I put about 60 sticks in the jar!

We just did our first official “Date Night” Last night. We pulled out a couples massage popsicle stick. When I came into my room after putting both kids to bed, I walked into a candle lit room, with soft music and the bed pulled down ready for massages! We each got a 40 minute massage wich was perfect after a long hard week. It was great quality time without any distractions and COMPLETELY FREE! Can’t wait for the rest of my future dates with the hubby hub hub 🙂

UPDATE: 5 years later we STILL love our date night jar!!

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