I picked this beauty up at a garage sale for 2 bucks!! These magnet boards are usually around 20 dollars new, sometimes more or less if you can find them on sale. But I figured it would be a good buy for only two dollars. I wanted to still use it as a Xmas countdown,

but it was not my style AT ALL…

As you can see, their ribbon was starting to fall apart. I liked the letters, but was not a fan of the rest. They did not mod podge it, so I thought I would try and save the parts I liked.


Here is me doing my demolition 🙂

I was able to save all of the letters! Yay!

The rest of it I just threw away..

Because I didn’t want to spend anymore money, I looked though my good ol‘ ribbon basket to see what I could find for the project. I found some Xmas ribbon and some white jingle bells.

Next I cut the ribbon that I needed to make the squares like they did before. I measured them out so that they would all be the same size, and then used sticky dots to hold it onto the metal sheet.

I love the distressed look to begin with, so I wanted to sand it down a little, but I also did it to hide some of the glue that was left over from taking that scrapbook paper off.

An up close look..

Afterwards, I added a little glaze to tone down the bright green..

Here is my board with the new ribbon on it. You would think I would know how to count.. But apparently I don’t.. I cut out all silver ribbon, but I only had nine. I was one ribbon short to covering the whole board with the same ribbon. (I hate it when that happens!!) So, luckily I found some ribbon in white that matched the silver. I did one color vertical and the other horizontal.


Aren’t these super cute?? They came with the original board already done. I was so excited for these! They have magnet on the back to stick to the metal sheet. I did however, have to hot glue the plastic in the lid to the metal top, because they kept falling out. I love how they open, so you can place Little treats in them! This is going to be great for my son J! He can open the days jar and have what’s inside!

Next I added ribbon to the top, and secured it with hot glue. I then took a thinner piece of ribbon and strung the jingle bells on top and again secured it with hot glue as well, but under the big red ribbon so that you can not see it. The last touch was hot gluing the original letters back on, but this time both words are on the bottom.

What do you think?? I think it is still a little heavy on the top.. do I need to take some stuff off the top? Or add something small to the bottom to level it out? Or just leave it?? I. NEED. YOUR. OPINION. PUH-LEASE.. 🙂 Thanks!

Here are some up close pictures for ya 🙂

And the best part about it? I didn’t spend any extra dough on this project besides the two dollars that bought it in the first place. nadazippo. zilch.


By the way.. funny side note.. I asked my hubby what he thought of the finished product and this was his response: “What did you do diffferent?” LOL! Gotta love it.

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