So.. I don’t know about all you with children… but lately my child has been starting to have trouble with his naps. I know he is getting ready to go down to one nap a day, but it seems like when I try one nap, he can’t stay up long enough. And when I do two, he doesn’t really sleep that well through both. It is like he is in between two and one naps a day.. GRRR… ANYWAYS… It has come to my attention that when J DOES decide to take a good nap, someone decides to interrupt it by coming and ringing the door bell or knocking. Now.. as you know from previous posts, I have two little dogs. Don’t let their size fool you.. They may have small cute bodies and mouths.. but their barks are like the biggest doggies you can think of. It seriously sounds like I have a secret animal shelter in my home from the outside.. SERIOUSLY. And all that cute (well.. not really cute) barking starts the second they hear someone at the door- which THEN wakes up J 🙂 lucky me… SO- after venting on facebook about it (yes. I am human.. I do need to vent here and there) I decided to ask around if anyone had heard of any cute sayings that I could use to make a sign for my front door. And my good ole’ friend Kassidy came to my rescue! She sent me this picture..

I LOVED the first part, but the rest about ringing the bell needed to go- because knocking would do the same thing.. I decided I would use “Come back Later” instead.. because well… J’s nap time is my rest time. And I do not want to chance him waking up early, and I do not get MY break.. (I know.. so selfish..) oh man! So now I admitted to venting AND being selfish.. wow.. I must really feel like you all are my super close friends! But back to the sign…

I could not make up my mind of what I wanted to use for the sign.. I thought of a cabinet door that I could paint and use vinyl for the words, I had an older Halloween sign with a stake already on it that I could paint and use in a planter, I could make a sign that could hang on the door… So many ideas.. but nothing really caught my attention. When all the sudden it hit me. I had a cute rod iron stand that was just taking up space in my garage that I could use! I had an old picture frame that I painted, and used scrapbook paper and stickers to make the actual sign. Ribbon was then hot glued to the back of the scrapbook paper that was then placed in the frame, so that it could be hung and hopefully not fall off and break the glass. 




Well?? Do you think people will see it and pay attention to it?? Now I just need to remember to put it up and take it down!! (And the best part about this is that I already had everything to make it!) So it was practically FREE! OH YEAH! That’s what I’m Talkin’ about!!

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